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Door-Stop Secure Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you're burgled and the intruder gains entry by snapping the Ultion cylinder you'll get a £1000 compensation and the door repaired or replaced.

How to activate your guarantee

Click the button below or go to the web address on the card attached to your keys within 14 days of installation. Then you just need to complete the activation form.

How much does the guarantee cost?

Absolutely nothing. All Door-Stop composite doors with an Ultion cylinder automatically qualify.

How is the installer involved?

The Door-Stop Secure guarantee is a promise straight to you. The installer does not need to be involved in either the registration or the claims process.

How are claims made?

As with any crime, you need to report it to the Police immediately. Then when they have investigated and provided a crime number download the claim form from the same web site that you registered from.

About Ultion key control - What does this do?

Your Ultion keys are stamped with a unique encrypted code, this code makes getting new keys quick and easy. To make sure that only you can use this code Ultion Key Control ties your code to your email address.

What happens if I order more keys with Key Control activated?

If you use your key code you will get an email as soon as the licensed Ultion Key Centre applies to decrypt the code. To enable the keys to be cut you just press the ‘approve’ button on the email.

What does this cost?

Because your Door-Stop door is fitted with an Ultion lock it is completely free.

How do I activate it?

Ultion Key Control can be activated at the same time as registering your free £1000 guarantee